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We've Found Your Travel Crew!

Leave the flaky friends behind this trip. We’ve already rounded up the true travel lovers who won’t cancel last minute and are ready to explore new bucket-list locations just like you. Travel in luxury with like-minded people on each trip who genuinely enjoy the experience of new places when they travel.


1. Pre-Planning

We know how exciting is to finally travel to your dream destination. But let’s ensure that we plan correctly.
So the first step we want you to do is to ensure that your passport is up to date.

2. Get Started

Choose your bucket-list dream vacation and secure your spot with a deposit of $100 or pay in full. Once your spot has been secured we will email you with instructions and provide you with a flexible payment plan to help you budget for the trip. We will also provide you with everything you need leading up to the trip, the itinerary, packing lists, travel guides, and more.

3. Organize

Once you have secured your spot on your dream bucket list trip, begin the process of looking up your destination travel restrictions.  Certain countries have different entry requirements for vaccinated & non-vaccinated travelers and also for visa requirements. Depending on your passport you may receive a visa on arrival or you may have to get pre-approval before entry. Not to worry about this, we will assist you with all the information you will need.

4. Let’s Travel!

Our team will be ready to welcome you upon arrival! Get ready for a truly unforgettable travel experience, our team is responsible for handling all logistics and planning so all you have to do is book that flight.

Payment Plan Information

Once you have secured your trip with a deposit, the payments towards your trip can be paid out bi-weekly, monthly or all at once. It is important to keep up with your trip payment schedule that is provided to you, when you make payments towards your trip we in turn book activities, hotels, and more on your behalf.

Be sure to inform us ahead of the deadlines if you anticipate making a late payment.

Sign-ups will stay open until the trip is full. If you are joining the trip late simply pay your deposit to confirm your spot on the trip and we will discuss with you a plan for you to catch up with your remaining payments.

Prices are based on double occupancy – this means you will be paired with another solo traveler or a friend of your choice. You can also opt in for a single room for an extra fee