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Our Story


Traveling and uniting people from all around the world to visit bucketlist destinations is so important to us, it’s the prime reason why Solo Travelers Unite exists. We want to offer people the opportunity to gain the rich experience of travel along with likeminded individuals and to give them and their mind a break from the monotonous pattern of the everyday life. Basically for life not to escape us. Travel broadens our mind by seeing how other cultures live, by the people we meet on the trips and by the experiences we gain, eventually it changes the way we think, the way we see the world and value life more. And that itself is priceless. The Founder experience with traveling has led her to where she is today with this company’s Vision, Mission and Values.

Our Mission


Our Mission is to deliver excellent quality service every single time to our customers. Providing them with unforgettable experiences on bucket list trips that will exceed their expectations. Our quest is to fulfill bucket-list dreams through our commitment to Unite Solo Travelers from all around the world while providing a stress-free experience from start to end. With our will to be consistent, ethical and honest with our customers, partners and employees we tend to build loyal, long-term relationships.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be innovators, leaders and creatives in the world of luxury travel to bucket-list destinations, to be the company who intertwine everyone of all statues to the world that we live in to the world beyond us. Being able to have one’s experience and expectations be heighten by the difference of cultures with the same affordability to do so. Making memorable & lifetime achievements to travel the world together in Luxury. We aim to earn the reputation as “Your #1 Solo Travel Group”.

Our Values


Our Core Values
We strive to be the best at what we do, we eat, sleep, and breathe travel planning and adventures.
We strive to travel responsible.
We seek authenticity when we plan our trips.
We are committed to honesty, loyalty, and a high standard of ethical conduct, We show respect for and value all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experiences, styles, approaches and ideas
We deliver quality vacations.
Innovation is a core quality for STU as we strive to bring new ideas to our trips


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